News 19 May 11

Super supernatural scripts

As films, plays and TV programmes with spooky and supernatural themes continue to attract large audiences, Pearson Publishing is pleased to announce its spellbinding new publication, Ten Ghostly Plays.

Ten Ghostly Plays is the latest addition to the popular GCSE Plays series, offering simple, practical scripts written especially for GCSE performance. Students can adapt the plays and develop their own staging ideas, and there is endless scope for invention in using lighting and sound to create a suitably eerie mood.

All adapted from Victorian ghost stories, the ten scripts are ideal to support the study of plays such as The Woman in Black, or to add extra variety and choice alongside the other populat GCSE Plays packs. Performed together over an evening, a selection of these short plays will make an atmospheric, spine-tingling school play.

For more information on Ten Ghostly Plays, use the link below or ring 01223 350555.