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Art and Design

The focus of all the presentations in this resource is to create an integrated approach where knowledge and understanding is matched against the experiences of investigating and making. The art context is presented clearly in the section introductions for each year group and then reinforced in the teacher’s notes for each pair of presentations.

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The use of ICT is a compulsory component of the National Curriculum in all subjects. In Art and Design, the use of cameras, scanners and software to create and develop images presents enormous and exciting possibilities. However, few Art and Design departments can easily put a whole KS3 Art and Design group regularly in front of a suite of computers. Often, more independent work is required, perhaps set as homework since many students can now access this type of software at home, or in open access areas at school at lunch and after school. Digital work could also be set as a complementary task over a longer period, where smaller groups are set to use or share resources.

The digital presentations will stimulate ideas and possibilities, and also match the opportunities for this type of work as access continues to grow.