KS3 Mathematics Homework

Stafford Burndred

180 homeworks covering levels 3 to 8

This series of packs provides 180 different homework exercises covering all Levels at Key Stage 3. Each pack addresses a separate Level and, although designed to be used alongside any existing scheme of work, can conveniently be used alongside our KS3 Mathematics Level-by-Level study packs.

Save hours over preparation and marking

The exercises use a speed marking system – a full class homework can be marked in about 20 minutes. This allows immediate feedback of information. Individual and class reporting sheets are included in each pack allowing a comprehensive profile of each student to be built up. This can be used to:

  • spot strengths and weaknesses
  • establish levels of achievement within the National Curriculum
  • report to parents.

Each pack contains:

  • 30 homework sheets
  • Answers
  • Recording and assessment sheets.

Note that this series is also available as part of the Digital Library for Mathematics KS3.

Pack A: Level 3

£38 / 30+VATPages43FormatPaper-based / ePack

A selection of worksheets for KS3 mathematics homework for Level 3.

Pack B: Level 4

£38 / 30+VATPages40FormatPaper-based / ePack

An ideal resource for KS3 mathematics, providing 30 homework sheets for Level 4.

Pack C: Level 5

£38 / 30+VATPages40FormatPaper-based / ePack

30 homework sheets for KS3 mathematics at Level 5.

Pack D: Level 6

£38 / 30+VATPages40FormatPaper-based / ePack

This pack provides 30 homework sheets for KS3 mathematics at Level 6.

Pack E: Level 7

£38 / 30+VATPages40FormatPaper-based / ePack

A range of homework sheets for KS3 mathematics, aimed at Level 7.

Pack F: Level 8

£38 / 30+VATPages42FormatPaper-based / ePack

An essential addition to any mathematics department's resources, this pack provides 30 homework sheets for KS3 mathematics (Level 8).

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