Drama in the Primary School

Lauri Scrivens

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Essential guidance

Drama is an integral part of the life of a primary school; it spans the curriculum and offers every child a chance of success. This publication provides the whole school with guidance on why, when and, most importantly, how Drama can be used to help teachers deliver the curriculum and help children gain new skills and greater confidence.

A wealth of ideas

Inexperienced teachers are introduced to both the theory and practice of using Drama; busy class teachers are armed with a host of imaginative ideas. Each teacher can have their own copy and then reproduce material for their pupils. Techniques used include role-play, improvisation, memory training, mime and many others. The material can be used as:

  • a structure within which a school can develop their Drama
  • a number of sections addressing important aspects of the subject
  • a vast bank of individual ideas for using Drama
  • a source of information and activity outlines.

Drama in the Primary School includes:

  • Introduction – Answers the question 'Why teach Drama?' and explains how to make the most of the pack
  • Teaching Drama – a look at a variety of approaches and ideas with numerous examples:
  • Using Drama – This section offers sets of synopses and ideas for: Assemblies; Introducing topics; Developing topics; Storytelling; Movement and rhythm work
  • Class and school plays – A wide-ranging guide to both their organisation and potential benefits with a special section on 'Plays in a day'
  • Drama and children with special educational needs – Ideas and explanatory material.



How to Use this Pack


Teaching Drama

  • A Different Approaches and Methods
  • B Warm-Up Exercises
  • C Problem Solving
  • D Planning the Lesson
  • E Lesson Plans

Using Drama

  • A Assemblies
  • B Topic Work
  • C Storytelling
  • D Movement and Rhythm Work

Class and School Plays

  • Staging a Play in a Day
  • The School Play

Drama and Children with Special Educational Needs

  • A Introduction
  • B Masks and Puppets
  • C Case Studies

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